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Ceramic coated piston rod hydraulic cylinder


This hydraulic cylinder has the advantages of simple structure, compact arrangement and large bearing capacity, smooth running and easily realizing automation control. Appropriate selection in the construction of water conservancy and hydropower projects the hydraulic hoist can obtain significant comprehensive benefits.

The piston rod is a important part of this hydraulic cylinder, and the anticorrosion of the piston rod is directly affects the service life of the piston rod and even the whole set of hydraulic cylinder.The ceramic spraying technology: using high temperature plasma arc spraying technology to pottery the porcelain powder to the surface of the pretreated matrix material, thus forming the ceramic powder. And the ceramic piston rod is developed on the basis of pressure cylinder. The protective layer is covered by the surface of the specially treated piston rod, and its main advantages are the innovation of anticorrosion technology of the piston rod and the measuring device for the hydraulic cylinder stroke.


The main advantages are: strong corrosion resistance, high wear resistance, high precision of digital control, convenient maintenance and environmental protection.