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8000mm stroke hydraulic cylinder


Stroke 8000mm hydraulic cylinder


The hydraulic symmetric two-way self lock lifting gate produced by our company has professional design, excellent workmanship  and national patent technology. It can be optimally designed according to customer’s needs and field conditions, to meet the functions and requirements:


1.When the dam surface is raised,water can be stored;When the dam surface is closed, the flood can be controlled. 

2.When the sudden flood come, all sluice gates can be put to the lowest location in a short time to reach the maximum effect of flood discharging .

3.When there are some floating materials on the surface of the water or there is a need to do the small amount of flood discharge.  The single sluice gate can be opened to clear the floating materials or do the flood discharge.

4.It can be designed to one side or double sides; Full closed or semi closed water stopping according to the needs. The full closed water stop can effectively increase the water storage capacity, and the semi closed water stop can increase the landscape effect. The double-sided layout is safe and convenient for maintenance.

5.The control system can use PLC remote control module to reach the convenience and security of the control.

6.Under the condition of loss of power, you can use the manual control valve to ensure the realization of drop dam, dam and flood safety.

7.The gate is built in accordance with the bridge, and the project is concealed. One hole and one gate can be controlled by zoning and can be operated at the same time also. According to the need, it can operate the face of the dam as a whole or single, and quickly open and close.

8.The HPU is controlled synchronously and the hydraulic cylinder has self locking function to ensure the safety and durability of the support of the dam surface.

9.According to the different field conditions, the thermal spraying zinc + paint anticorrosive treatment is applied to the dam surface. The piston rod’s surface can be plated with hard chromium or ceramics to improve the corrosion resistance and service life.